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PAYPAID Co., Ltd. provides service of payment for the products and service by electronic mean in the website: and has been established in the year 2011 by operating the business of payment by electronic mean (E-Payment Service Provider) to provide the payment by electronic mean conveniently, quickly and safely. The service user is confident that PAYPAID shall grow together with the E-Commerce Business and shall improve the online payment service.

Advantages of PAYPAID

- Accept the payment by VISA and MasterCard at all banks worldwide.

- Accept the payment by credit card throughout 24 hours. You do not miss the sale opportunities.

- Must not place the deposit.

- Must not register the limited company.

- Application and connection with PAYPAID System could be done conveniently and easily on system connection.

- Payment fee of the received amount 4% (including VAT)

- The officer gives recommendation and checks the payment. The shop staff is not required to provide regular care.

- Could examine the transactions throughout 24 hours.

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