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Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy

The privacy policy based on the topics as below relates to the PAYPAID account and data given by you to PAYPAID.

1. Introduction

2. Collection and reservation of personal information

3. Disclosure of your personal information

4. Data safety

5. Access to and change of your information

6. Contact us

1. Introduction

The important purposes of PAYPAID service are to provide the best services to you and as the security to reduce the risk and fraud. PAYPAID Company (PAYPAID or “we”) must know the personal information, data of the credit card and data of your bank account. This privacy policy shall specify the details of data collection and maintenance as well as the method to use your information. PAYPAID gives respect to the privacy rights of your information and we understand that you wish to receive the highest safety on doing transaction through the website PAYPAID. In principles, we shall use your personal information consistently with the privacy policy being provided. We shall have the strict measures of security, and we shall not spread or propagate your personal information to the third parties or any authority. However, in some cases as being shown in the details in Part c) Your personal information may be disclosed to the third parties only. Therefore, it is important that you should consider this privacy policy carefully. This policy applies for all services in the website, notice about the policy changes. This policy could be changed at all times upon change or addition of the service or when we receive the suggestions from your service user. Upon any change of the policy, you shall be given notice by e-mail. If you close PAYPAID account, you shall not be given the notice. We shall announce the changed text in the privacy policy on the website PAYPAID at at all times to consider the most updated privacy policy.

2. Collection and reservation of personal information

Relating to the rules to open PAYPAID account, you must give the information about the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and to do transaction through PAYPAID, you must give the information of Visa MasterCard, Debit Card Visa (Visa Electron) or bank account with PAYPAID. During the application procedure, we shall ask 2 personal questions (i.e. maiden name of your mother or your first school etc. These rules shall be used to confirm your identity if you forget password or used to prevent an fraudulent acts against the credit card or your bank account as well as used to d contact with you in the necessary case. The data of transaction on doing transaction of remittance or payment from other person shall be requested by us on doing transactions from you, including the amount of transaction, type of transaction (i.e. purchase of products or service or normal bank transfer etc.), data of the e-mail address of the third parties. We shall keep the data of transaction done through PAYPAID as well as the data of internet address (IP address) of the equipment or device used by you to get access to the PAYPAID account. This data shall help to detect the abnormal transaction or transaction not done by you, your data from the third parties. To protect the service user from the criminal offense, we shall check your data with the third parties and check the accuracy. In some cases if we could not examine your identity from the data given by you to us, we may do further inquiry from you through our officer. About the data of frequency of use of the website due to the communication standard through World Wide Web at the present time, when you enter into or leave the website of PAYPAID, we shall know and collect the data on website on service access by you or type of your browser as well as your frequency to get access to the website PAYPAID. We shall use this data in order to understand your need better and to develop and improve our service in order to provide service to you more efficiently. “cookie” means the small data file sent by us to your computer in order to allow us to record your data as the service user of PAYPAID when you enter into the website of PAYPAID again by using the same browser and same computer. We shall send “cookie” to your computer when you log into the PAYPAID account by giving the data of e-mail address and your password. This “cookie” helps us to remember you when you use service within the website PAYPAID in one session. You must not log into the system several times, and when you log out or close the web browser, this “cookie” shall not be effective after the data connection of PAYPAID. We use “cookie” with longer lifetime for remembering your e-mail address on the log-in page in order to provide you facilities, so that you must not type your e-mail address at all times when you log into the PAYPAID web page. In addition, we use “cookie” in favor of the recommendation of the service user in the Part “C”. Or “cookie” is encoded, so that your e-mail address or other data could be translated by PAYPAID only. However, the data, which we receive from you, may be used to improve he service and our marketing promotion and customer service. We reserves our rights to collect the documents or data, which you send to us by e-mail or fax to be used as the reference to improve the service or to be used on the investigation of any fraud or violation against the agreement of service use. We may destroy these documents upon permission according to the law and as the case maybe, questionnaire and data of the service user. In some cases, we may ask for the cooperation from the service user to answer the questionnaire or survey form to be used for the purposes to improve the service i.e. questionnaire about the data of the need or interest of the service user. We shall explain the purposes to use the survey in the questionnaire n details and obviously for the payee or person subject to payment not as the service user PAYPAID. When the service user of PAYPAID remits or pays to the person, who does not still apply for the PAYPAID service. In this case, PAYPAID shall keep the data of transaction i.e. e-mail address, name, relating amount on transaction of such person, so that our service user could see all transactions, both finished and unfinished. This transaction data shall not be disclosed to the person, who does not use PAYPAID service for the marketing purpose.

3. Disclosure of your personal information

We use your information within our company to:

3.1 Provide service or do transaction you wish for.

3.2 Provide service of data or other assistance.

3.3 Specify your rights to receive privileges from PAYPAID.

3.4 Improve the service. In some opportunities, we use your information to do contact with the third parties on your behalf in order to comply with your request i.e. sending the notice of bid winning to the bid winner etc. We shall allow our staff to get access to your information only for the necessary information to provide service to you. On disclosure of your information to other service user of PAYPAID, whom you send money, or the service user, who sends you money. If you use PAYPAID service for the purpose of electronic commerce, we shall show the information of website address (URL) and other information given by you. However, the data of the credit card, bank account or other financial data shall not be disclosed to other PAYPAID service user in whatever cases, except for the case relating to the legal action, data disclosure to the third parties not as the service user of PAYPAID. You have the privacy rights of your data. PAYPAID shall not allow to disclose your personal information, except the authorized officer of PAYPAID, affiliate company of PAYPAID and the third parties being allowed from you to get access to your information as well as preventing the use of your information without prior permission from you, except that

- The disclosure of data helps you to do transaction on your wish successfully.

- The disclosure of your data is done to protect you against the fraud. Please read the details in B) “Your data from the third parties”.

- The data, which we receive from you, may be used for the marketing promotion. We shall disclose the data based on the details of Part B) for the authority performing the marketing functions on behalf of PAYPAID or for the financial institute joining us on the marketing development. These authorities reach an agreement with us to keep your data to be confidential by using the data of the necessary activities only if you d not give permission in special case.

- If we must disclose your data in favor of the investigation or investigation about the fraud or illegal transaction or on violation against the agreement of service use. It means that we could give information (excluding the data of bank account or credit card) for the sufferer.

- If we have found that any party does unfaithful act or is related with the illegal transaction, we shall disclose the data based on the court order or court summon or on the legal proceeding as well as delivery of the data to your legal representative.

- We may disclose the statistical data as the whole data to the business partner i.e. figures of percentage of the service user staying in Bangkok etc. The whole data could not indicate the individual.

- In case of general business, it is possible that in the future, PAYPAID may merge with other company. In such case, the company combines with us, and we could get access to the database kept by PAYPAID. It includes the accounting data of the service user. However, we guarantee that the company shall still observe the criteria provided in the agreement of service use until the change as being provided in the Part a) as above. On contact with the service user of PAYPAID, we do contact with the service user on the normal service by electronic mail or by telephone. In some case of complaint or investigation, we use the electronic mail as the media to confirm the opening of your PAYPAID account pr to give notice in the case of your remittance or receipt through PAYPAID service and if PAYPAID sends the data of change of the service with the legal substantial matter as well as for sending news or other substantial matter in connection with the data service of internet address, we use the address data IP (IP addresses), browser type, time of your service to analyze the trend to take care of the website, to develop the service or to collect the data of the service user (Demographic) for the whole use and for the data safety. PAYPAID shall keep the data of the service user with the data security system in the same standard with the Internet Banking of the leading commercial bank. The data of credit card or your bank account shall be kept in the server by entering into the RSA Encryption System, and the data keeping server shall not connected with the internet network. We restrict the access to your personal data only for the officer providing service to you, and we use the physical protection by electronic mean and process to protect your personal data. In addition, we examine the data security system regularly. You could study study the safety of the additional data in the page “Safety Data”. The safety in your PAYPAID account depends on the protection of your password not to be known by other person. Therefore, you should not disclose your password to any person in whatever cases. If you agree to deliver your password to any person or authority, you shall be responsible for the outcome from the acts of the person or authority from getting access to your account. If you have doubt that other person knows your password, you should change your password immediately by logging into your PAYPAID account and go to the page “Your Personal Data” in order to change the password, access and change of your data. You could examine your personal data as well as change your data at all times by logging into your PAYPAID account and go to the page “Your Personal Data”. You could close the PAYPAID account through the contact with the officer of PAYPAID, and when you close your account, we shall keep your accounting data in our database, but shall specify “Closed”for the purpose of examination in case of fraud and to prevent the account closing to avoid the fraud. However, when you close your account, we shall not use your account data anymore as well as not disclose your data to other authority or person, except that your data must be used on the investigation or used in the legal process, contact with us. If you have any questions relating to our privacy policy, you could do contact through the e-mail address or through the page “Contact Us”, reserved copyright 2009 PAYPAID.

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