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Payment Solution

Payment system through Credit Card (Credit Card)

Credit Card is the payment for the products by collecting from the credit card and payment for the products through the system of Sri Ayudhya Bank under the similar principles to the Direct Debit System.

Payment system through online banking of your customer

Direct Debit (Online) means the payment service connected with the commercial banks. The shop shall provide the system setup for the website on service. Upon pressing the button of purchase order through your website by choosing the channel of online payment.

System of payment through ATM machine and bank counter

To add the reliable payment for your business, PAYPAID could cause the confidence to the customer to pay for the products and service. Your customer could choose the payment at ATM machine or at the counter of the commercial bank.

Payment system through App IPhone

PAYPAID has developed the App IPhone, so that the shop could accept the payment by credit card. This channel is compared as if the shop has EDC tool, and it increases the sales.

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